Welcome to SUPERFLORI Group

Connecting the Floristry Industry in Romania.

Superflori Group is an innovative entity that brings together three distinct platforms, each contributing to revolutionizing the way flower businesses are managed and experienced in Romania. a complex online marketplace that serves as a sales hub for the best florists in Romania. Here, top florists can sell their exclusive floral creations under their own name with delivery in their municipality or county. The images in the catalog of bouquets and arrangements on this platform are created exclusively for use on this platform.

Vreaufloră an advanced marketplace specializing in providing cut flowers, services, and accessories for florists. An essential resource for industry professionals, providing access to a wide range of products and services necessary to support flower businesses efficiently and conveniently. The platform dedicated to individual florists, where they can showcase their own images with creations and sell bouquets and arrangements with delivery in their municipality. A unique opportunity for independent florists to promote their talent and expand their businesses.

With a comprehensive and innovative approach, Superflori Group aims to connect the entire floristry industry in Romania, while also offering free education and services for beginner florists or those looking to open a flower shop, through the Vreaufloră platform.

Join us in our effort to build a brighter and more flowery future for the floristry industry in Romania!

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